Clark Dev’t Corp bids IT infusion as legacy project

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE — Clark Development Corporation (CDC) ramps up its legacy projects through the infusion of Information Technology (IT) for good governance.

Vice President for Administration and Finance Mariza Mandocdoc said CDC is able to put up an electronic records management system for paperless transactions.

“It was pioneered last year as we aim for a smooth transaction with our locators and the public. For us, we are doing monitoring. All letters sent to us are put into the system, scanned, and sent to the operations, then endorsed to the units concerned,” she explained.

The system will also ensure an open communication to the locators and the people, and refute the claims that CDC is ignoring the concerns of its stakeholders.

In addition, CDC is doing a monthly statistical reporting of the transaction to the management.

“What we do is we sort the letters as to how many were actioned or not actioned. We trace where the letters come from or where they were sent out. We also check how many transactions were made per department, and how long those transactions were actioned upon. We monitor those kinds of statistics,” she detailed.

She emphasized that the management is firm to provide solutions or do actions no matter how big or small the transactions. 

Moreover, Mandocdoc disclosed that CDC is rooting for good governance by automating transactions, and reducing face to face interactions.

“We want to improve on serving our locators. We already made many initiatives in making electronic permit filing. So that when our locators want to apply for import or export permits, they won’t need to go to CDC physically. We have many initiatives for that,” she added.

CDC is improving their IT system, and adding possible developments to best serve the locators.

“These are the wonders of IT. You have data in your fingertips to monitor efficiency. These are part of the entire work plan that we have— working with very limited time. These are our legacy projects. So that by June 2022, we leave behind very good projects for the new management and new administration to continue. They can build on what we will be leaving behind,” Mandocdoc concluded.

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