Duck, Cover, Hold’ vital during earthquakes – OCD CL

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga — Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Central Luzon emphasized that “Duck, Cover, and Hold” is important during earthquakes.

The public must not panic and perform the drill which could save their lives.

OCD OIC-Regional Director and Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Chairperson Shelby Ruiz said they want the “Duck, Cover, and Hold” to be our automatic response so that if earthquakes occur, we already have a muscle memory. 

“This is why we encourage everyone to participate in our quarterly nationwide simultaneous earthquake drills,” she pressed.

The “Duck” technique means that people must drop to the floor before being knocked down by the shaking.

People must “Cover” their heads and neck using their arms and get under tables, desks, or other strong shelters to protect them during tremors.

They are likewise advised to “Hold” on to their shelter and continue covering their heads until the shaking stops.

In addition, Ruiz stated that doors must be opened during earthquakes to avoid being trapped inside any infrastructure.

“When the shaking stops, the public must evacuate to an open area and stay away from mirrors, trees, windows, and buildings that may collapse,” she added.

Regular inspection of infrastructures such as offices, schools, and houses should also be conducted to ensure that these are in good condition.

Executive Order No. 29, series of 2017 designates July of each year as National Disaster Resilience Month.

This year’s observance carries the theme “BIDAng Pilipino: Building a Stronger Filipino Well-being towards Disaster Resilience.” (CLJD/JLDC-PIA 3 with Lou Manalo, intern)