Israeli, Spanish envoys affirm collaboration with PH

Israeli and Spanish ambassadors asserted their countries’ continuous collaboration with the Philippines.

This, as both countries delivered new air assets namely the Rafael SPYDER (surface-to-air python and derby) ground-based air defense system (GBADS) and C-295 medium lift aircraft to the Philippine Air Force (PAF) at the Basa Air Base on November 8.

Embassy of Israel to the Philippines Ambassador Ilan Fluss expressed the friendship, commitment, and willingness of the Israeli government to continue and expand even more the close and intimate collaboration with the Philippines.

“This is not only in the defense sector but we’ll be happy to collaborate even more in agriculture and food security, digital innovation, disaster preparedness, and many other areas of priority for the administration. This is what good friends are all about,” he said.

He added that both countries have long been supporting each other, and cooperating in many important areas including national security concerns.

Fluss emphasized that Israeli companies such as the Rafael developed effective and innovative technologies in the fight against terrorism, and for stabilizing peace and security in other countries such as the Philippines.

“Rafael built a state-of-the art training center that will enable the PAF to not only operate their air defense systems in a short term but to invest their knowledge and to secure it for the years to come,” he pressed.

The ambassador shared that to support the intimacy in the relations of both countries, Israeli strategic systems will soon be enforced not only in the PAF, but also in the Army, and Navy.

Meanwhile, Kingdom of Spain Ambassador to the Philippines Miguel Utray Delgado underscored that his country is a faithful ally of the Philippines that remains committed to the modernization process of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). 

“The C-295 [medium lift aircraft] we are delivering today is an aircraft of Spanish technology and manufacture, matured and proven worldwide. The versatility of the aircraft allows it to land on short runways to transport soldiers and materials to offer logistical support and many other functions such as maritime patrol,” he stated.

He said that he is hoping that the Philippines may have more aircrafts in the future, not only in the transport version so that it can take advantage of the synergies of having the same technology.

Delgado highlighted that his country would be delighted to see how the aerospace industry develops in the Philippines.

“In this sector, I am sure that the [C-295] airbus itself could be that crucial partner as its Spanish technology, industrial, and human capability could be transferred to the Philippines in future collaborations,” he mentioned.

The envoy affirmed that they will continue to offer a catalog of highly-specialized companies in the security and defense sector, and with cutting-edge technology that match the requirement of the next Horizon 3.

The said air assets are products of the Horizon 2 of the AFP Modernization Program, and are in line with PAF Flight Plan 2040. (MJSC/JLDC-PIA 3)

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