Research on Ins​t​rumental Piano Music

This study determined the insights and opinions of individuals with no formal musical training and how it may affect their mood, emotions, feelings, imagination, attitude, perception in life and personality. The researcher conducted this study in order to discover if this type of music could be a basis for meditation, relaxation, used for studying, reviewing, contemplation or other purposes.

The study used Poemusic, an album by Korean pianist Yiruma. There were 26 participants in the study. Based on the results of the study, 84% will recommend instrumental piano music to others, specially their loved ones as cited in our discussion after answering the questionnaire. During the discussion, 3 males and 1 female even cited that it was their first time to listen to this type of music but will still recommend it to their friends and family. The researcher may infer that this type of music could be accepted by even first time listeners and also to adolescents since the average of the respondents of the study is 15.8 years old.

The respondents were also asked to write a short story while listening to this music. The stories were also very interesting as they have different views about the music they were hearing. During the discussion, some have cited that the music triggered their imagination compared to just writing a short story without listening to music.

Respondents claimed that the music was pleasant, relaxing, nice to hear, amazing, beautiful, peaceful, calming, soothing, sad and lonely. It made them reflect, unwind stress, reminiscing memories, relieve emotional pain, mood became good, changes the mood, refreshing, opens and clears the mind.

Others said it pushed them to have a deeper relationship with God, helped them think of solutions to their problems, realized the bad and good things they have done, made them cry and regret things they failed to do. One said, “I can feel it in my heart, It makes me feel that in any problem there is a solution, life must go on and we must be strong.” The music made them feel better, just like floating on air.

Based on the questionairre, most of the respondents stated that they became sensitive and emotional: “I feel I’m in heaven and would love to hear this music everytime I wake up”. They would love to listen to this music when in a stressful mood: “I listen to this in my room to comfort me, I would like to hear this music in times when I’m feeling down, I am able to escape from reality, helps me to become more positive, makes me feel that God will always guide you”.

One said the music made her close her eyes and smile and feel the emotion. They also cited that this will be effective after a long stressful day during relaxation and would want to listen to it on their free time, when they are alone, listen to this when broken hearted. “I feel I’m in a different place where nobody can see, know or feel.” Most of them agreed that piano music can heal the pain in your heart, helps my personality and may make you feel better.

In line with the results of the study, we may infer that piano insrtumental music has a positive effect on their mood, emotions, feelings, imagination, attitude, perception in life and personality. This may serve as a reference to future research studies and experimental or alternative methods of establishing a conducive postive environment.

Pelayo, Jose Maria G. III, 2013. Insights and Opinions of Students on Instrumental Music

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