15 Years of Perfecting Vision

Lasik Surgery Clinic AUF Medical Center (AUFMC) celebrates its 15th year of changing millions of lives giving them the freedom to see the world from a new perspective with unparalleled clarity.

Celebrating its remarkable anniversary, Lasik Surgery Clinic AUFMC hosted a dazzling gala night at Clark Marriott Hotel on October 26th. The event brought together the clinic’s dedicated staff, honored guests, ambassadors, distinguished clients, and valued partners, all dressed in sophisticated gowns and striking tuxedos.

In honor of their 15-year milestone, the clinic is offering a 25% discount on their transformative LASIK surgery throughout the whole month of November. Additionally, the clinic also organized its first ever raffle at Marquee Mall, providing a lucky winner with the chance to win a free LASIK surgery and regain their perfect 20/20 vision.

Beyond these anniversary specials, Clinic Manager Mirasol M. Simon emphasizes the clinic’s commitment to community service through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which they refer to as their Corporate Social Initiative (CSI). Among their beneficiaries is the Children’s Home for Eucharistic Love and Kindness (CHELK), an orphanage in Telebastagan San Fernando, Pampanga. Here, the clinic extends its support by offering free checkups to the childrens and even to the sisters and other volunteers. Additionally, the clinic’s renowned doctors also undertake their own initiatives, engaging in outreach activities on their own.

Furthermore, the clinic is well – known for its outstanding vision correction services offering them to individuals yearning for a life free from glasses and contacts. By rising to the top of the eye care, Lasik Surgery Clinic AUFMC ensures to do their job safely, effectively, and one that caters to the diverse needs of every individual.    

Promising the highest level of safety, they make sure that every patient undergoes a preliminary screening to check in every possible way their suitability for a surgery which takes about two to three hours, valid for one month before the actual surgery. The screening is  the most necessary part of a lasik journey since every eye of every individual is uniquely different. The good news is that their screening is offered all for free!

LSC AUFMC is dedicated to providing bigger, better and more innovative services come 2024. To state of the art machines that meet the evolving needs of the clients – the future of the clinic is clearer than ever.

As Clinic Manager Mirasol M. Simon said, “A new machine will be used as part of our innovation. In any business you have to keep up with innovation because you might get left behind.”By Julianna Egenias and Ryan Ishi Cuevas (AUF Interns)

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