1st Kapampangan lady elected as new RBAP prexy

Elizabeth Carlos-Timbol is now the new President of Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP) after the recently concluded 67th national convention and elections of the RBAP members. 

Timbol is the first President from Pampanga, and the first lady President from the Confederation of Central Luzon Rural Banks (CCLRB). 

Before becoming RBAP President, she was the  Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Guagua Rural (GR) Bank, one of the outstanding banks which has served Filipinos, especially Kapampangans, for over six decades now. 

During her inaugural speech on June 25, she reiterated the vital role of Rural Banks in countryside development through financial inclusion, digital transformation, and enhanced delivery of goods and services. 

She also said that her administration would give more opportunities to small businesses and local farmers by strengthening the RB programs; and will promote for digitization to maintain a good relationship with all members by being transparent on the monthly financial reports and other projects. 

For her, it is thru digitization that they can help members be updated. 
“Let us connect to technology and be as one, not compete with each other,” Timbol said.

Before she ended her speech, she also stressed ‘women empowerment,’ and quality transformational leadership. 

She also expressed her gratitude to her family, especially to her brother, Jose Carlos Jr., GR Bank President and Chief Executive Officer, for their endless support. 

Timbol also thanked the newly-elected officers and directors for their cooperation.

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