39 Baguio City residents allowed to purchase lands

Some 39 bonafide occupants in Barangay Hillside, near Camp John Hay in Baguio City who are pre-qualified to purchase parcels of land in the area they have been residing as early as 1991 were awarded certificates of recognition.

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and its subsidiary, John Hay Management Corp. (JHMC) have commenced the process to exclude portions of Barangay Hillside in Baguio City from their jurisdiction through the disposition of residential lots to qualified occupants in the area.

In simple rites on December 12, BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joshua M. Bingcang and JHMC President and CEO Allan R. Garcia have issued certificates of recognition to 39 bonafide occupants in Barangay Hillside who are pre-qualified to purchase parcels of land in the area.

Said Bingcang: “This is the first crucial step to jumpstart the process of excluding portions of Barangay Hillside from Camp John Hay. We hope this development gives the public and the residents of Baguio the assurance that BCDA and JHMC are committed to deliver our obligations insofar as they are consistent with Republic Act 7227 or the BCDA Law.” 

For his part, Garcia said, “We are dedicated to the progress of Barangay Hillside, ensuring that its residents are empowered through land ownership.  This initiative reflects our commitment to uphold the law and prioritize the welfare of the community.”

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