4 dead in Sta. Rita shootout

CAMP OLIVAS — Four suspected motorcycle riding-in-tandem criminals were slain by lawmen when they ignored the Commission on Elections roadbloack set up along barangay roads of San Basilio corner Dila-dila, Sta. Rita, Pampanga on Wednesday dawn.

The suspects’ identities are still being established by police investigators  but sketchy reports have it the group belongs to a criminal gang operating in Pampanga and nearby areas in  Central Luzon.

The suspects, police said, were on board two separate motorcycles when spotted by joint teams from Provincial Mobile Force Company and Sta. Rita Police Station heading towards the COMELEC roadblock.

Policemen flagged down the suspects who accelerated towards Sta. Rita town proper. A brief chase ensued and the suspects opened fire on the lawmen who retaliated.

The suspects, police said, opted to shoot it out instead of surrendering peacefully to the policemen, which led to their death. 

Several handguns including three caliber. 45 pistols and a caliber .38 revolver were found by investigators at the scene of encounter.

Police tried to save the suspects by rushing them to a nearby hospital but expired moments later.

Recovered motorcycles and pieces of spent shells from different kinds of firearms were taken to the Sta. Rita Police Station for future reference.

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