The evolving story of the historical Chinese drama “Ever Night: War of Brilliant Splendours,” airing weeknights at 10:15 PM on Kapamilya Channel, Jeepney TV, A2Z and TV5, promises more twists as it delves deeper into Ning Que (Dylan Wang) and San San’s (Song Yi Ren) journey.  

Midway into the season, Ning Que’s mission to save San San’s life from a mysterious and chilling sickness takes darker turns when they encounter various allies and foes along the way. Each one adds another layer of suspense that keeps viewers hooked on this exciting fantasy adventure.

Here are five story arcs that are keeping viewers on edge with the developing romance, action, and drama on “Ever Night.”

1.   San San discovering her true identity and doomed fate 

While seemingly sweet and harmless, many begin to wish death upon Ning Que’s maid and wife San San after confirming her true identity as the daughter of the God of Death and the prophesied immortal that would bring forth darkness and chaos to the world. 

San San struggles with this truth, as she doesn’t want to be a burden anymore to Ning Que and the rest of the world. At times, she would want to end her own life, but her love for Ning Que prevails. However, will she be able to survive the endless number of enemies chasing them? 

2.   Long Qing’s fall from grace and quest for revenge

After suffering a humiliating defeat by Ning Que and not being able to win Lady Chenjia’s (The Flower Scholar) heart, Long Qing (Sun Zu Jun) harbored bitterness in his heart.  

As his powers are slowly recovering from his initial downfall, Long Qing has made it his life’s purpose to take revenge and make Ning Que’s life a living hell. Ning Que and San San barely escape his clutches in their recent encounter so we’ve yet to see if Long Qing will satiate his obsessive thirst to avenge his honor. 

3.   The heartbreaking unrequited love of Mo Shanshan 

Mo Shanshan (Yuan Bing Yan) has developed a deep affection for Ning Que, especially after he helped her master the art of the Divine Calligraphy. But while Ning Que can only see her as a trusted friend, this does not deter her from protecting him and his beloved San San from their enemies. We’ve yet to find out how far she can endure as she puts her own life in danger for a man who cannot love her back.   

4.   Ye Hongyu’s impossible decision between killing or helping Ning Que 

As the grand priest of justice, it is Ye Hongyu’s (Liu Ke Jun) duty to uphold in maintaining peace and protecting the world from the Eternal Night. Many believe she should already pursue and kill Ning Que as he was suspected to be the son of Death, yet Ye Hongyu held her ground as there was no proof of it yet. She even promised to not hurt him until the sickly San San got better.  

However, now that San San is speculated as the daughter of the God of Death and the prophesied immortal that would bring forth darkness and chaos to the world, Ye Hongyu is caught between the choice of stopping them or keeping her promise.  

5.   Ning Que’s pursuit to save his beloved San San 

If there’s one thing that keeps the story moving, it’s Ning Que’s pure love for San San. No matter what obstacle comes their way, Ning Que does everything to protect San San.  

While he is having a hard time believing that San San is the prophesied daughter of Darkness who will rule on the world’s doom’s night, Ning Que knows that her heart is pure and full of love. But is love enough to save them from all the tragedy befalling their path? 

What could be next for these heroes and foes? Will Ning Que be able to escape their enemies and cure San San? Will the prophesied Eternal Night truly bring threatening chaos and darkness? Find out in “Ever Night,” weeknights at 10:15 PM on Kapamilya Channel, Jeepney TV, A2Z and TV5.

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