A generous hand will always have plenty

My mother used to say that a generous hand will always have plenty. I did not understand what she meant that moment for I was only five years old. Nevertheless, it got stuck in my mind.

Every Christmas eve, my handsome “lolo Memeng”, who was cardiolologist, known as doctor Roman Palma – invited hundreds of children from different barangays in his huge beautiful home, in Concepcion, Tarlac.

He fed them well, played magician to these enthusiastic awed crowd and at the end of the event, he asked each one to come to his table, to grab as many coins as they wanted. It was kind of tough, for the coins were laid out in a glass top table. The sound of joy, thrill and laughter of the kids overwhelmingly delighted me. I told myself, someday when I grow up – I will continue “lolo Memeng’s tradition”. And so, it came true. I’ve been gratefully doing the same for 17 years now. The only difference, I cannot perform magic, like my “lolo Memeng”.

Looking back, my mama’s teaching about giving I now well perfectly understood. Kindness and compassion is embedded in all of us. May we all be reminded that the only way we can truly live a purposeful life is by helping those who cannot pay us back, and those who cannot help themselves.

May the spirit of Christmas that bring out joy, generosity, kindness, and peace – stay with you in every single breath that you take.