AC Council rejects resolution investigating Palladium Hotel

ANGELES CITY’– The City Council majority bloc yesterday rejected a resolution lodged by opposition Councilor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. calling for the urgent investigation of the operations of Palladium Hotel located in Real St. in Balibago.

Lazatin’s resolution (PR-392-07-17) was blocked by the majority bloc headed by three-term Councilor Alexander Indiongco, who rejected it for “lack of merit.”

Lazatin said he was saddened by the rejection and disapproval of the majority bloc “but he expected it.”

“What can I expect they are administration Councilors. They are merely rubber stamps of the administration. But what saddened me is the lack of sincerity of the majority to their sworn obligation to uphold and protect the interest of the Angelenos, who elected us in office,” Lazatin said.

“What is there?” Lazatin humorously asked.

“What is there is a colloquial used in asking what will one benefit or receive from the deal,” Lazatin explained.

Lazatin explained that if the administration “is not hiding something, they must not be afraid of any investigation”

Lazatin explained there is a clear violation of the lease contract entered by Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan and Crystal Palace Bar represented by certain Elvira Granil.

Granil is the same owner of Palladium Hotel, which is now occupying and using the same property leased to Crystal Palace Bar as stipulated in the lease of contract dated January 22, 2013 signed by Pamintuan and Granil.

Lazatin pointed out that under Article VI of the said lease of contract between the Angeles City Government and Crystal Palace Bar, “the lessee (Crystal Palace Bar) shall not directly or indirectly assign or transfer it’s right of lease over the lease premises or any portion thereof under any circumstances and such contract made in violation of this clause shall be null and void, unless, the assignment or transfer is with the consent of the lessor.”

“There is no evidence or document providing that Palladium Hotel has a sub-lease contract with Crystal Palace Bar and should there be any, there is no document or certification from the Angeles City Government saying that it has prior consent on any transfer of lease,” Lazatin said.

The camp of Lazatin headed by his father, former Angeles City Mayor and First District Representative Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin, is preparing to file an anti-graft and corruption case against Pamintuan and other local officials in relation to the Palladium Hotel operations. (Press Release)

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