AC lass graduates ‘summa cum laude’ at West Anchorage HS, US

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — A Kapampangan young lass has graduated summa cum laude at the West Anchorage High School in Anchorage, Alaska. USA. 

Juliane Robert Marinas Ponce, a native of Angeles City, has expressed her pride as a Filipino as she finished her journey in high school with flying colours.

She is a daughter of Jay Ponce and Maggie Marinas, and a niece of Angeles City Councilor Joseph ‘PG’ Ponce and businessman Jerry Ponce. “As a working student and a former student of Angeles City Science High School, it was challenging at the beginning, but as I got more confident with my studies, I started to make friends from different countries who had different experiences. They became my family and I’m just so lucky to have had that,” she said.
She also said that no matter what the situation is, as long as one knows how to balance life, nothing would seem impossible.
“Whatever your circumstances, accomplishments remind us that we have control over our lives. You have to live life with balance. Be a bit serious when it comes to your academic work, form networks with professors, form social networks with your peers and most importantly, have a good time,” she furthered.
“You’re only here for a short time, now, if someone will ask me what is the best thing that I have done for our country, I will tell him or her that I am proud to be a Filipino,” she said.

West Anchorage High School, formerly known as Anchorage High School, is a public high school established in 1953 at 1700 Hillcrest Drive, Anchorage AK 99517.

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