Airport Spa at its Finest

CLARK FREEPORT – Enjoy moments of pure relaxation and rejuvenate your mind and body at the Airport Spa and Sauna here.

Owned by Gong Hang Corporation, the Spa and Sauna is located at Building 7256 Annex C.M. Recto Avenue Clark Freeport Zone (near
Oriental Duty Free Shop).

Salt Sauna

It offers therapeutic massage, hair styling, manicure, facial, red clay sauna, dewdrop sauna, salt bath sauna, soft steam bath,
therapeutic touch and other services.
Ice Room

“Evidence shows that relaxing in a spa and sauna is more than just soothing and pleasant. It is also verifiably good for health. A study has shown that the gentle warmth of spa and sauna can lower blood pressure and relieve circulatory disorders and it makes you much less
susceptible to catching cold. Overall, it was shown to have a positive on the immune system. Our largest organ- skin is also grateful for this very special beauty treatment not only cleansed and purified but it’s also supplied with all the nutrients and minerals it needs,” the
company said.

The massage room

“Airport Spa and Sauna will be able to help people know that they are powerful enough to heal themselves. This is our mission, this is the
pulse of our company and frames everything we offer. The goal and promise of Gong Hang’s Spa & Sauna can be summed “Rejuvenate your
life!,” it added.

Airport Spa and Sauna has complete amenities

Avail of the 20 percent discount on all its services. You can call 0921-5708281 or 0915-7783838 for inquiries and discounts.

The spa and sauna near the Clark International Airport is open 24 hours a day.

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