Alpha Aviation to get A330 Flight Simulator

Alpha Aviation Group, a leading pilot training provider in the Asia-Pacific, is pursuing its investment into pilot training by signing a financing agreement with BDO Leasing & Finance. 
The agreement covers the acquisition of a brand new Airbus A330 Full Flight Simulator, the first wide body simulator in the Philippines and the latest simulator with Airbus A340 functionality built globally.

The covenant between AAG and BDOLF comes at a time of tremendous growth now being seen in Southeast Asia’s airline industry, as demand for commercial pilots surpasses the current supply. Recently, Boeing has forecasted that 617,000 more commercial pilots will be needed globally by 2034, with 248,000 (40%) required across Southeast Asia.

“BDO Leasing is truly excited with our partnership with Alpha Aviation Group being one of the leading global pilot training providers. It comes at an opportune time when the Philippines and the ASEAN Region, as a whole, is poised to economically grow faster than other countries in the world. We thank Alpha Aviation Group for establishing Clark Pampanga as its main training hub because this will increase the number and improve the skills of Filipino pilots. Further, the simulator will be available to neighboring countries that are increasing its fleet of Airbus A330 & A340,” said Roberto Lapid, President of BDO Leasing & Finance.

For AAG’s part, finance manager Christine Legaspi, said, “The addition of the A330 full flight simulator with A340 option marks not only a significant milestone in the growth of Alpha Aviation Group but also our company’s timely collaboration with BDO, the Philippines’ biggest bank, toward a shared goal that is to support the aviation sector development.

This acquisition project is a true testament of our company’s dedication to develop the Philippines as an aviation hub in the Southeast Asia Pacific Region.  We continually welcome opportunities to build and grow this partnership allowing for sharing of fresh perspectives, encouraging synergies, and creating value for all.”
Alpha Aviation Group is a global provider of aviation training solutions for the airline industry. Operating through its two main training platforms located in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia, AAG trains hundreds of new pilots for its airline partners on a yearly basis.

In Southeast Asia, Alpha Aviation Group Philippines continues to support numerous airline partners throughout the region and is announcing further developments in the coming months. In the Middle East, Alpha Aviation Academy has become the largest Multi-Crew Pilot License training provider in the region and one of the largest globally. The platform has also been nominated Aviation Training provider of the year in 2016.

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