Among Ed supports Hizon

Gubernatorial bet Jomar Hizon has the backing of former Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio, the Roman Catholic priest who once trounced Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda and actor Mark Lapid in the May 2007 polls.

In their meeting over the weekend, Panlilio has thrown his support to independent candidate Hizon who will contest the gubernatorial post against Vice Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda.

Panlilio believes that Hizon will beat the Pinedas just like he did in the 2007 elections. In the 2007 gubernatorial race, Panlilio garnered 219,706 votes while Pineda had 218,559 votes, winning by a slim margin.

Then reelectionist Lapid landed in the 3rd slot with 210,875 votes, ending the political career of the Lapids in Pampanga province.

In 2010, however, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in a recount ruled that Nanay Pineda had won the 2007 election.

In the May 2013 polls, Panlilio tried to resurrect his political career but he lost terribly with 111,794 votes against Nanay Pineda’s 444,989 votes.

For his part, Hizon has welcomed the support of Panlilio and his group.

Hizon on Wednesday snubbed the peace covenant signing at the San Fernando Cathedral in the City of San Fernando saying peace eluded past elections and that there is no assurance there will be no election-related violence. “Para kanaku ala yang katiyakan itang peace covenant a sasabyan da uning kepalyaryan ku e.”

In the 2007 polls, Hizon lost a barangay captain; in 2010 elections, another friend identified as Dennis Guinto was also gunned down; in 2013 elections, one of his barangay captain was also shot dead in the village where he won 10-0. “At deng egana ganang pangamate da reni puru balas potang kayi peace covenant?,” asked Hizon.

“Makananu muku i-peace covenant harmless ku,” said Hizon who prayed for a peaceful 2019 election.

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