Angeles shabu ‘queen’ falls in drug bust

ANGELES CITY – Some P170,000 worth of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) were seized by government agents following the arrest of a big time lady drug trafficker believed responsible in the widespread distribution of prohibited substance in the city during a buy-bust operation at Barangay Pampang here Monday.

Senior Supt. Enrico Varas, director of the Angeles City Police Office (ACPO), identified the suspect as Jasmine Mangadang, alias Lady Jasmine, 36, alleged leader of illegal drugs gang operating in the City, of Chacon Street, Sta., Teresita here.

The suspect, police said, was arrested in front of Angeles City High School along Arayat Boulevard after she negotiated the sale of 160 grams of shabu to a poseur buyer.

Senior Inspector Gerald Quiambao, chief of the Angeles City Drug Enforcement Unit (ACDEU), said Mangadang was placed under surveillance by DEU operatives following reports of her alleged involvement in illegal drugs trade in the City.

Quiambao said Mangadang’s group operates in areas where schools are situated, targeting mostly students in her unlawful trade.

The suspect, Vargas said, was arrested quickly by operatives shortly after she handed the stuff to poseur buyer cops.

Seized from the suspect’s possession include small plastic bags in varying sizes carrying shabu weighing approximately 60 grams and dusted money used in the buy-bust.

The suspect and confiscated items were taken to ACDEU office for further investigation as Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act offense is being readied against her.

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