Balanga residents move to stop plastic pollution

BALANGA CITY — Residents here participated Monday in the Refill Revolution of Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) which seeks to beat plastic pollution.

EMB Regional Director Lormelyn Claudio said the campaign aims to curb plastic pollution by reducing the use of packaging waste materials made of plastics.

“The objective of this activity is to reuse or recycle plastic bottles instead of throwing it away eventually reaching the sea,” Claudio said.

The official stressed that about 400,000 marine mammals die every year due to plastic consumption.

As such, Claudio urged residents of the city to recycle plastic containers and avoid single-use plastics which contain chemicals.

For his part, Bataan Governor Albert Raymond Garcia encouraged his constituents to continuously recycle reusable containers and help the government in its environmental programs.

“With the activity, we should create awareness that containers made of plastics should be recycled so we could lessen plastic pollution and promote a healthier lifestyle,” Garcia furthered.

Under Refill Revolution, residents can refill their plastic bottles with one liter each of condiments and household products.

About 2,000 liters of vinegar, soy sauce, liquid soap, and fabric conditioner significantly lower than the existing retail prices were offered to residents during the activity.

EMB will also conduct the campaign in towns of Bataan as well as in other provinces in Central Luzon.

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