Bamban bares precautionary measures vs COVID-19

BAMBAN, Tarlac (PIA) — Municipality of Bamban bared its precautionary measures in combating the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In a press conference, Mayor Jon Feliciano mentioned the three keys in the implementation of home quarantine in line with the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

“We need the eyes to monitor the implementation of community quarantine in the entire town. Thus, we have installed at least 80 CCTVs in Bamban and we are still planning to add approximately 100 cameras to ensure everyone’s compliance in the directive of our president,” he said.

Checkpoints manned by uniformed personnel were already set up in the entry points of the town.

Feliciano likewise stressed the importance of having a voice in securing people’s safety and ensuring that they stay inside the confines of their home. 

“Now that we have eyes, we equipped ourselves with 100 two-way radios for fast communication. In case of a problem, people on the ground can immediately report to the command center for further instructions,” he noted. 

The mayor underscored the mobilization of people as the third step in enforcing community quarantine in the municipality.

Feliciano mentioned that about 30 motorcycles will be deployed to disseminate information and implement safety measures against the virus. 

Also, additional six units of military jeep that will be utilized as transport service vehicles are expected to be delivered next week.

“It is really challenging to impose self-quarantine to people with different lifestyles, attitudes and upbringing but implementing a strict policy on home quarantine is what we need in these trying times,” he stated. 

In terms of food security, Feliciano vowed that the local government will provide relief packs and alcohol to the residents. 

“We also opened 25-30 hectares of land for our Gulayan ng Bayan program where residents can plant fruits and vegetables as another source of food,” he stated. 

Moreover, PhP 2 million worth of medicines such as paracetamol and ascorbic acid were in place and expected to be delivered after 45 days. 

Around 100 pieces of personal protective equipment and thermal scanners were procured for the municipal health officers. 

“We are on top of the situation and we are ready 24/7 but we cannot do this alone. We need everyone’s cooperation in handling this dreadful situation and combating COVID-19,” he said. 

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