Best icy delight in town: Blue Whale Ice Cream

Why not buy mouthwatering ice cream to beat the heat? Feel refreshed with every lick of the newest and best ice cream in town, which finally opened at the Angeles University Foundation side gate.

The Blue Whale homemade ice cream and Italian ice is inspired by the famous Mystique Company at Florida USA.

Mario J. Ticsay, consultant of the company, said that the business was once a dream, until Maria Rica Primero – the owner and head manager – finally decided to create their own line of ice cream in Angeles City.

Since the city is famous for serving the best sherbet in town, they never thought twice to make something new with the taste of the ice cream.

Their target consumers are the Angelenos. Because they love their hometown, they want their kabalens to be the first to taste the best ice cream they can offer.

Recently, they had a free taste for everyone passing in front of their stall, asking each person to what is their opinion about their product.

The ice cream got a lot of compliments, inspiring the owners to continue the business, because the people obviously love it.

One things that Blue Whale can be proud of is its world-class ingredients not to be found anywhere here in the country – a very special ingredient called butter cream. This secret recipe is what makes their product incomparable with other brands.

Oreo Banana and the Malunggay flavor are their best sellers.

The vision of the company is to serve healthy ice cream anywhere with a very good quality.

The company will be part of the upcoming Pamangan Piyestang Kapampangan on October 15, where they will serve their specialty for the guests.

“It is a great privilege to us because our company somehow is being known for quite awhile, and we get to give flyers to them,” he said.

According to Ticsay, the company will be open for franchising.

“We will teach them how to make the ice cream, give them the ingredients except for telling them where we get all the supplies we use,” Ticsay said. — Zion Donovan Macapinlac/ AUF Intern

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