BOC includes GNPD in the loop of nationwide top taxpayers for 2023 

Mariveles, Bataan – Bureau of Customs Post Clearance Audit Group (BOC-PCAG) through its Prior Disclosure Program awarded the Top 10 Taxpayers in the Philippines held at the BOC Compound in which GNPower Dinginin Lt. Co. (GNPD) champed a slot.

The recognition was part of the annual tradition of acknowledging the nation’s foremost contributors to the agency. In a convergence of ten elite companies hailing from diverse sectors, GNPD and its counterparts received plaques of recognition for their exceptional degree of compliance with the programs and policies of the BOC-PCAG.

“This achievement signifies our commitment to transparent business practices. We believe that fostering a culture of compliance is essential for the growth and sustainability of our industry,” said GNPD AVP for Community Relations Arcel Madrid.

BOC-PCAG Assistant Commissioner Atty. Vincent Maronilla expressed his gratitude to GNPD and the other awardees for their “consistent cooperation and volunteerism.” He underscored the pivotal role played by their contributions, emphasizing that last year’s record-high collection would translate into tangible benefits for the Filipino people, including the construction of schools, hospitals, and kilometers of roads. 

The other award recipients are: CSC Time, Inc., Organon (Philippines) Inc., Abbott Laboratories Inc., Mondelez Philippines Inc., Nestle Philippines Inc., Merck Sharp & Dohme (I.A.) LLC, JT International (Phils.) Inc., Anda Power Corporation, and Royal Canin Philippines, Inc.

A notable presence at the event was Anna Jasmin Maniego, AboitizPower External Relations Manager, who attended as a GNPD representative. Her presence underscored the collaborative efforts and commitment of the AboitizPower group toward achieving corporate milestones that positively impact the nation’s economic landscape.

As GNPD continues to shine on the national stage, the recognition as one of the Top Ten Taxpayers serves as a beacon of inspiration for other companies, emphasizing the pivotal role of compliance and corporate citizenship in empowering progress to the nation. 

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