BOC-Port of Limay Surpasses Collection Target

The Bureau of Customs-Port of Limay has surpassed its March collection target with more than ₱13,5 billion revenue.

District Collector Atty. William B. Balayo, said the Port of Limay has collected ₱13,537,691,920.70 against a set target of ₱11,750,180,000.00, indicating the capacity of the Port of Limay to generate revenue. This surplus of ₱1,787,511,920.70 underscores the Port’s efficiency and effectiveness in revenue collection.

This achievement, Atty. Balayo said, is further magnified by the fact that it marks the first time in the Port’s history that revenue collection has soared past the ₱13 billion mark. Breaking its own record, the Port of Limay has once again raised the bar for excellence in revenue collection, surpassing even the ambitious target set just four days prior to the end of the month.

Atty. Balayo has expressed his profound appreciation for the dedication and diligence exhibited by the Port’s staff. He lauded their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in exceeding the collection target well ahead of schedule. Moreover, Balayo extended his gratitude to the partner agencies and stakeholders whose collaboration has been instrumental in ensuring the Port’s success in trade facilitation and border security.

The extraordinary performance of the Bureau of Customs-Port of Limay serves as a testament to the Port’s unwavering commitment to excellence and efficiency. As it continues to set new standards of achievement, the Port of Limay stands as a beacon of success within the Bureau of Customs, setting a precedent for excellence in revenue collection and administration.

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