‘Bonnet-wearing’ suspects rape three in Mexico town

Authorities are hunting down five “bonnet-wearing” suspects who figured in the abduction and rape of two teenagers and one adult in Mexico town, Pampanga recently.

One suspect, a minor, was already arrested. His identity is not immediately known.

A 14-year-old victim lodged a complaint at the office of the Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Network in Mexico, Pampanga. She was assisted by her mother.

According to the complainant, she had been abducted and raped for three times starting in October 2015. The last abduction and molestation happened in November 2016.

The victim said she was abducted after her classes at school. She was raped in a remote area in the field.

The victim was able to identify one of the hooded men when his bonnet was taken off. For fear, the victim was not able to file her complaint to the police authorities.

Result of the medico legal report had confirmed the victim was positively raped. Another 15-year old lass also suffered the same fate in January and February 2017. A 35-year old female was also abducted and raped in February 2017.

Last March, a 9-year old boy escaped from his would-be abductors.

Mexico PNP Chief P/Supt. Wilfredo Paulo said a minor was arrested and turned over to the social welfare office. “Mayroon po tayong suspect na na-identify iyon nga ang problema natin minor. Pangalawa, nag-decline siya na magsalita, hindi po natin pwedeng pilitin,” Paulo said.