Botolan Mt. Pinatubo crater lake adventure to reopen

Botolan, ZAMBALES – Mt. Pinatubo trekking adventure from the town of Botolan to reopen after the local government launched an inspection of the path to the crater of the volcano on Monday, December 26.

Angel Diesta, Chairman on Committee on Tourism, personally supervised with Municipal Tourism Officer Gennessy Villar and some of its staff in the initial inspection in preparation for the reopening of said tourist attraction site.

According to Botolan Mayor Jun Omar Ebane, the local town government in cooperation with Vice Mayor Doris Ladines and Sangguniang Bayan Members wants to ensure that everything will be orderly, safe and organized before the Pinatubo volcano is opened to the public.

It may be recalled that Mt. Pinatubo was temporarily closed to the public the trekking adventure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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