BSP urges Novo Ecijanos to use digital payments

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is urging Novo Ecijanos to use digital payments when buying goods and availing services. 

Under the Paleng-QR Ph Plus, BSP aims to promote digital payments in markets, establishments, and public transportation. 

BSP North Luzon Regional Director Noel Neil Malimban said the use of digital payments when buying goods and availing services increase transactions and income in businesses because there is no limit in accepting payments, whether cash or digital. 

“Consumers can still pay in cash, but the important thing is citizens now have an alternative way of payment using digital platforms,” Malimban clarified.

Paleng-QR Ph Plus likewise seeks to achieve financial inclusion so that Filipinos can access various financial services such as savings, investments, and loans which are difficult to avail for those without accounts in financing institutions.

It is also helpful for both consumers and business owners as they do not need to worry about receiving fake money.

For her part, Cabanatuan City Mayor Myca Elizabeth Vergara expressed her full support to the program.

She encouraged her constituents, particularly business owners and vendors in the city’s two public markets, to try accepting digital payments. 

“It is important to be careful not to get robbed or lose money, especially since it is hard to earn money, and this program is timely as a way to keep up with digitalization,” Vergara said during the launch of the Paleng-QR Ph Plus in Cabanatuan.

To date, a total of 23 cities and towns in the province of Nueva Ecija have launched the Paleng-QR Ph Plus.

This is in line with the adoption of the Market Digitalization program of the Department of Trade and Industry. (CLJD/CCN, PIA Region 3-Nueva Ecija)

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