Bustos Dam rehabilitation needs environmentally sustainable technology, says Gov Fernando

Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando has endorsed green environmentally sustainable technologies that would enhance the capacity of Bustos Dam to the National Irrigation Authority (NIA). 

Such technologies are being use in developed countries where dams are built to last for hundred years and more.

NIA’s Design and Specifications Division expressed gratitude for the governor’s initiative and is considering new technologies to ensure the dam’s construction and repairs meet the stringent requirements of safety.This announcement was made by the governor following his monitoring and inspection of the installation of the coffer dam using steel sheets and sand bags, the remedial measure undertaken by the contractor on the rubber gate at the Bay 5 of the Bustos Dam located in Brgy. Tibagan, Bustos, Bulacan on Thursday.The governor also wanted the other remaining rubber gates of the Bustos Dam to be fitted with a support barrier or cofferdam while they have not been replaced to ensure the safety of the Bulakenyos.

He also called on his fellow Bulakenyos not to be afraid or panic from the misinformation related to the current condition of the Bustos Dam because they are doing their best effort to keep the dam safe as well as the people of Bulacan.

According to Fernando, although the outcome of the rehabilitation and the installation of coffer dam looks good, it still needs to be monitored frequently and to find immediate solution in case there is a problem again.
It was learned that the actual replacement of the rubber gate no. 5 will be in November or December of this year.

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