Carpe Diem: The broken road back home

Three years ago today, I completed a series of radiotherapy sessions. It was a journey that began in October 2015 when a suspicious blob was discovered to have been residing where it shouldn’t have, thus it was taken out, brought for further analysis (a.k.a. biopsy) and was found to have been deserving of being pulverized, expunged, and blown to the smithereens…

With God’s ample grace, I ‘graduated’ with flying colors. The overwhelming love and support of family and friends during the journey and even after has made me more appreciative of life, however twisted and complicated it may be at times.

I won the battle. But I lost a different war sometime later. No one expected it, but my dear husband Jose Cornelio S. Lukban shocked all of us by booking an early, one-way flight out. He sailed off into the sunset.

Things happen for a reason – or maybe even without one. Life goes on. It has to. It is not always easy. In the continuing journey, I am sure we will all have our doses of and bouts with the pleasant and not-so, but we keep facing life head on, taking everything at our own pace – a step or two at a time, or half a step at a time, as I do. You may always tend to lose your way at times, but that broken road, which, as you traverse, may have been packed with every uncertainty imaginable, will always lead you back home.

Cherish life. Embrace the possibilities. Accept the challenges. Smile. Make someone smile. Be the reason behind someone’s happiness. Make a difference. And while you’re at it, never forget to be thankful and grateful! CARPE DIEM!❤️

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