Case vs Paulino dismissed three years ago

Subic Bay Freeport – SBMA Chairman and Administrator Rolen C. Paulino claimed the case against him has been dismissed three years ago by the Sandiganbayan.The SBMA Chief reiterated the case involving the construction of Gordon College and SM Central had been dismissed three years ago by the Sandiganbayan, and that it was merely resurrected when a 3rd motion for reconsideration from the prosecution was granted. 

“It is unfortunate that an educational institution such as Gordon College and SM Central, a solid vehicle in molding todays youth, and undeniably a commercial and economic boon  to the community respectively, are being capitalized to advance the political agenda of certain personalities”, Paulino said in a statement.

Chairman Paulino further added, “ is obviously politically motivated and has absolutely nothing to do with my current role as chairman and administrator of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority”. 

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