Celebrate Swiss National Day at Swissôtel Clark

Swissôtel Clark brings in the Switzerland festivities this 1 August 2022 through the celebration of the Swiss National Day.

During the Swiss National Day celebration, Markt, Swissôtel Clark’s European all-day dining restaurant, will offer guests a wide array of traditional and classic Swiss dishes and desserts as part of the Swiss Food Festival. More than the classic Raclette up to the ever-popular Swiss chocolate, Markt features the variety of Swiss food you must try during the festival – and get the full experience even without traveling far to Switzerland.

Take a gastronomic trip around the home of Swiss Alps without leaving your seat, and find these traditional and classic Swiss dishes in the heart of Markt, as you enjoy the full experience in the restaurant’s magnificent colourful setting inspired by the European marketplaces. 

Markt highlights the traditional Swiss dishes that define the country’s diversity and range of culinary riches.

Topping off the list is the traditional savoury Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, which is a popular dish in Zurich, Switzerland. Made from veal, cheese, mushroom and butter, this dish is best paired with sweet bread or rice.

Guests may also try one of the most popular Swiss food, Rosti with egg and sausage. This dish, with a long history that goes a long way back in Bern, Switzerland, was then an esteemed breakfast of the hardworking farmers. Today, it is an all-time local favourite, often served as a side dish or paired

Left:                   Right: Rosti with egg and sausage.

with beer. 

If you are looking for something pleasing to the eyes, besides its taste, Älplermagronen is very famous for its presentation. This dish originated from the German-speaking regions of the country, and is a variety of Swiss mac and cheese cooked with cream, potatoes, and cheese.

Throughout the full spectrum of Swiss food, there is always something you will always find in abundance in every dish – cheese. And with this, Markt also offers a variety of cheesy Swiss dishes including the classic Raclette, Cheese fondue, and Soupe de chalet for the guests who are in constant love with cheese.

Got a craving for your sweet tooth? Markt’s dessert offerings can satisfy your cravings as this food festival gives highlight to the world-famous Swiss chocolate, featuring flavourful desserts and delectable cakes to complete the Swiss experience. Have a taste of Swiss Chalet, Engadine Nut Torte, or Swiss Meringue Glace, which are also some of Switzerland’s gastronomic icons. 

Left: Engadine Nut Torte Right: Meringue Glace

Combining the country’s rich heritage and its sweet tooth – the Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation. And this could be reflected as most of the Swiss desserts are mostly made of chocolate. One of the highlights of the Swiss Food Festival is the Swiss Chocolate Cake, Swissotel’s own take on the signature Swiss chocolate, with a history springing back as early as 19th century. This very own recipe was created back when the process of chocolate making was still through grinding cocoa beans. For a long time, chocolate recipes were mostly for chocolate drinks, and its presence in cakes was only in the form of fillings and glazes. 

Today, the Swiss Chocolate Cake is one of the most popular desserts in Switzerland, and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Whether you are in sweet, cheesy, or savoury craving, find a host of gourmet adventures to pursue without leaving far from home. Have an immersed experience at Markt by tasting Switzerland’s best of local dishes and cheeses, all wrapped up as part of the Alpine experience.

And while you celebrate Swiss National Day at Markt, find a Happy Lily to join you in the celebration. This little cow made of wood that has been carved and painted by hand in Switzerland for generations exhibits craftsmanship and embodies Swiss values: modern and dynamic, and yet still attached to traditions. If you ever find one, don’t forget to say #hello and help Happy Lily in her work to promote the festivity.

The Embassy of Switzerland through His Excellency Alain Gaschen, Swiss Ambassador to the Philippines, is in full support for the first celebration of the Swiss National Day at Swissôtel Clark. The Swiss Food Fest will be promoted to the entire Swiss community through the Swiss Club. 

His Excellency Alain Gaschen (L) and Swissôtel Clark General Manager Tarek Aouini (R) during his last visit at Swissotel Clark. 

Complete your Swissness by spending a wellness weekend at Swissôtel Clark, as you feel at ease while you recharge and invigorate with this vitality inspired hotel.

Swissôtel Clark, the newest destination in north Metro Manila, soft-opened last 1 March 2022 and offers 372 rooms and suites, and a total of 10 dining outlets to choose from.

Above: Swissôtel Clark façade Right: Markt, All-day dining restaurant

With the mantra of “life is a journey,” Swissôtel aims to help the guests live well through its vitality offerings in every corner – rooms, food, amenities, and activities around and within the hotel.

Find the 10 Swiss food you must try this Swiss National Day at Markt, available from 1 to 31 August 2022. Markt is situated at the ground floor of Swissôtel Clark, and is a signature European inspired all-day dining restaurant. For reservations and inquiries, call at (+63) 45 306 2000 local 4430.

Swissotel Clark is located at Lot 2A, Lot 2B, Lot 2E1 Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner Claro M. Recto Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2023. For more information contact (045) 306 2000.

For more information about Markt, follow our official Facebook and Instagram pages at facebook.com/SwissotelClark and @swissotelclark.