Change that matters

In this time of the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of people, young and adult alike, walking the extra mile to contribute, help and inspire, and prove their selfless worth. From simply organizing relief operations to actually volunteering in the frontlines, these simple gestures of ordinary people do not just exude the values of compassion and public-spiritedness, but, more so, substantiate the principles and ethics of modern heroism.

They may have simple stories to tell, but the impact of what they contributed, however small to many these would seem to be, surely caught something good on the part of those they were able to touch lives. 


Braving the adversities of life to make a difference in this world, in our own simple ways, and means, could spell an impactful change in our society, especially when a lot of people tend to lose sight of hope, amid the uncertainties of life.


Impact change

“CHANGE” may, at a glance, seem to be just a simple, plain word. But actualizing it could be the biggest challenge in one’s life. 

You know, a lot of people would clamor for change, but not everybody would have the propensity to embrace it, especially when they think that that change would not benefit them in anyway. A lot of people are blinded by their own personal interests.


So, what kind of change should we all yearn for? Should it change that is self-centered? 

This is something that we all should realize. We do not exist in this world all on our own, and all by our own. We should make positive change happen not just for our own selves, but also more for others. We should believe that whenever change effects something good on others, it’s also for our own and our loved ones. We really need to see and treat it that way. Our mindset should never be all about personal.


Goodness defines a person

It is an acceptable fact that we all have our own ambitions in life. We may be paid or salaried doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, broadcasters, teachers, or whatever field we are into. But these titles are mere titles. They will never define us. They will never define the person we have become. 

Our careers may take up so much of our time, but for sure, we’ll be able to find time and space to share our person to others, to share our person to bring goodness to other people. No matter how small would that be, it will matter to the person receiving that goodness in you.


Clarity of purpose

To effect positive change in our society, we should make our life’s purpose clear enough for ourself. Would we want to be a self-centered person, which is the SMALLER value? Or would we rather want to be somebody BIGGER? And that is someone who exists for others, not just for himself or herself.

We should have the bigger thinking that we are a person for others, not just a person for yourself.

So, let’s challenge ourselves. Be the bigger person.


Choose to be great

Never lose the goodness in you. 

Never discriminate people, help them instead. Inspire them. We can help others in a lot of ways. It should never be an issue of whether we have money to share or not. Material things fleet so swiftly. Just by simply making people feel good about themselves, that would already spell a difference.

Yes, we may not have much, but we have enough. We have enough to make change happen in the society we live in. We just need to never feel that we are too small to make positive change happen. Because GREATNESS is made for EVERYBODY. Always believe that we belong to a generation capable of greatness.


Be that change

As ordinary as we feel we are, there’s enough room for us to contribute towards the betterment of our countrymen. 

“Ano man ang mangyari, sikapin nating makapaglingkod sa kapwa nang may dangal, at marangal. Ano man ang mangyari, piliin natin na maging mabuti at patas sa kabila ng realidad ng buhay.”

We now live in a time and age where becoming a hero does not necessitate to sacrifice life, or die for our country. Today’s meaning of heroism has already shifted to mean sharing your life for the good of your fellow, no matter how big or small that is.

A lot of our countrymen are in distressed right now, and on the verge of hopelessness, especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Let’s continue to give them enough reasons to be hopeful.

Be the bigger person. Look beyond yourself. 

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you hope to see in the world.”

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