Charity group headed by Capampangan gets top ratings anew

MICHIGAN, USA – One of North America’s top charitable institutions just bolstered its commitment to selfless service even as it continues to be recognized with top ratings for its mission-oriented mandate.

George Samson, president of World Medical Relief, Inc. said that their organization continues to achieve its mission of helping “God’s sick poor” while getting outstanding ratings in the delivery of its services. Samson is a Capampangan

During WMRI’s 63rd anniversary celebration in Southfield City here, Samson said that the institution has been given another 4-star rating by Charity Navigation. The firm is America’s largest independent charity evaluator of financial health and accountability.

“For the first time in the history of WMRI, we have been given 4 star rating for the 4th consecutive year,” said Samson in his speech.

The rating is given in maintaining policies and programs for sound fiscal management, accountability, practices, commitment and transparency in gathering and distribution of donations. Four stars means exceptional rating.

WMRI is now the largest charitable institution in the state of Michigan and the 9th in the United States.

Guests present during the anniversary celebration expressed elation on what WMRI has achieved since 1953.

Dr. Irineo “Bong” Alvaro, chairman of of Bridges for Benevolent Initiatives Foundation (BBIF) said that WMRI and its people are truly dedicated people for missions, outreaches and service.

“It is truly amazing what WMRI is doing for the needy people. Mr. Samson is so down to earth and I think he was tailor fit for a job that requires true compassion and dedication,” Alvaro said.

Samson also reported a record number of volunteers at WMRI for 2015 and this year while expressing gratitude to them, the benefactors, supporters, officers and staff of the NGO.

“You are all angels of mercy. Your faith, love, compassion tot the poor will keep us moving forward to save the lives of others.” Samson said.

Samson, who has personally worked for WMRI founder Irene Auberlin, reminded everyone of the call first made by the latter.

“As Mrs. Auberlin has always said help the sick poor, because God loves them,” he said.

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