China Eastern Airlines to launch Clark flights

China Eastern Airlines is set to connect Clark to Shanghai, China soon.
China Eastern toured the Clark International Airport (CRK) facilities on Wednesday which set off the airline’s initial step in finalizing plans to augment its flight network and to use Clark airport as one of its hub.

“China Eastern is encouraged by the marketability of Clark airport and the increasing number of its local destinations,” Janette Cordero, the airlines’ ground handler representative in the Philippines, said.
It is the first time that China Eastern will fly via Clark.

The airline also plans to establish an exclusive airport lounge at the CRK being a legacy carrier with interstate routes.

According to its website, China Eastern’s initial route will connect Clark to its main base in Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport where all international and several domestic flights to and from Shanghai are hosted.

The Clark-Shanghai route is also expected to connect Clark to numerous cities in Europe, Asia and North America.

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