CIBAC solons hail passage of GMRC bill

CIBAC Party-List lawmakers Deputy Speaker Bro. Eddie Villanueva and Domeng Rivera have lauded the passage of the GMRC bill in the Lower House on 3rd and final reading.

“We applaud the House of Representatives in acting with dispatch in passing this much needed legislation aimed to address the looming values deficit among our youth. We are earnestly awaiting for the eventual enactment of this measure into law,” said CIBAC Rep. Villanueva who is also the House Deputy Speaker for Good Governance and Moral Uprightness.

The bill aims to institutionalize the teaching of Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) as a separate subject in the basic education curriculum. The measure also mandates the allotment of specific quality time in the total class hours of basic education so that the teaching of values among the young ones will be given priority and focus.

The approved House version of the values education bill will be synchronized with the Senate version before it is presented to the President for signature.

“The passage of this bill is a welcome development to us. Who knows, that when this bill is enacted into law and implemented properly, it will solve half of our problems from corruption to environmental degradation, from traffic rage to employment, because of the values and discipline that it will instill among our youth,” said Villanueva.

For his part, CIBAC Second Representative Domeng Rivera said the passage of this bill is a reflection of the commitment and determination of the House not only in crafting laws aimed at economic development but also in revolutionizing and strengthening the moral fiber of our society.

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