Clark: It works. Like a dream.

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) launched on Monday the new Clark brand integrating the four districts: the Clark Freeport Zone, Clark Global City, Clark International Airport, and New Clark City.

“Everyone wants to move to the big city. Good money, good jobs, a place to be productive. But the paradox is that cities don’t work for people, even though they’re full of them. It’s a pressure cooker of congestion, pollution and rent you can’t afford,” the manifesto reads.

“Clark is different. Because it was built from scratch, crafted, to be built for people. To have the vibrancy of a city without the pressure of city life. And the energy of a culture that is happy and inclusive. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re in the right place.”

Clark is a city that works. It’s a perfect mix of business, lifestyle, leisure, and modernity.

Clark is divided into four districts, namely the Clark Freeport Zone, Clark Global City, Clark International Airport, and New Clark City.

Clark Freeport Zone, managed by the CDC, has continued to fuel growth not just in Pampanga but in the whole Central Luzon. Within it is the 177-hectare Clark Global City being developed by the Udenna Corporation, which is becoming the new business hub of the country.

The Clark International Airport meanwhile is envisioned to be next premier gateway to Asia. The airport’s new terminal building expected to operational by June 2020 will increase passenger capacity by 8 million per year.

The 9,450-hectare New Clark City, located 100 kilometers north of Manila, will be the first smart, green, resilient, and sustainable metropolis in the country. Phase 1A of New Clark City involves the construction of the National Government Administrative Center, which includes world-class sports facilities for the SEA Games next year.

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