Converge ‘poor internet service’ irks consumer group

Angeles City, Pampanga — A certain internet consumer group showed dismay over Converge claims as the ‘fastest growing fiber internet and digital consumer-centric services provider in the country’.

In a recent online poll created by Balacat News Facebook page, 88% out of 603 voters show dissatisfaction with Converge ICT internet service.

“Panahon na po na ilapit sa Pangulo baka makapagdeal siya ng kumpanya na mas maganda at mabilis ang internet connection,” Maria Theresa Ibe commented on the online poll.

Converge boasted in having the most affordable high-speed fiber internet connection but not for the majority of its consumers.

“You don’t normally experience online video calls cutting out from a signal fluctuation. You don’t normally watch your favorite on-demand shows through a slideshow of slow pixels because your internet connection was weak that day. You don’t normally allot hours just to download documents through mail. You don’t normally expect your 20mbps fiber-optic plan to only squeeze out one Mbps some weeks and five Mbps the other weeks. You don’t normally need to place a dozen calls to your internet provider’s customer support hotlines just to be referred to someone who has no idea how to fix your problems. You don’t then normally wait a few weeks just to get someone to check your network only to tell you it will take another few weeks to fix it. All these things are normal for Converge. We have been so inundated with situations like these, that it has become the unfortunate norm. We no longer complain, we are no longer surprised. Instead, we simply suffer through this new normal under Converge. It turns out that, a whole assembly of sufferers from Tarlac, Bulacan, and Angeles also share the same fate,” the Interim Board’ s statement after the Converge Consumer Caucus last October 4.

“For more than two decades Comclark/Converge has shortchanged its customers, it has turned unacceptable service to simply unsurprising ordeals. So much so that the only fast, reliable, and high-speed thing to expect nowadays, are the complaints. Today, the kindness and patience had reached its toll, It is now time to organize and act to protect the consumers welfare against this disguised larceny of Converge,” the group added.

For its part, Converge has not yet released any official statement about the issue.

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