Cops repel NPA attack, 5 rebels killed

VICTORIA, Northern Samar — Alert policemen thwarted Thursday an assault launched by communist rebels against Victoria Police Station by putting up a good fight during a dawn firefight, killing five suspected guerrillas, government security forces reported.

Police Lieutenant Eladio G. Alo, Victoria police chief, said two senior police officers were injured during a fierce exchange of gunfire.

Alo identified the injured policemen as Police Master Sergeants Arturo Gordo Jr. and Arnold Cabacang, who both suffered shrapnel wounds in their faces due to grenade explosion. They are detailed at the Victoria Police Station.

A regular NPA fighter was reportedly captured.

Alo said the assault happened past 3 a.m., when a duty policeman noticed a forward truck cruising towards the police station. The occupants of the truck were estimated to be more or less 50 unidentified armed men clad in military uniforms and sporting yellow head bands.

“My man quickly alerted all his colleagues, including myself, and we positioned ourselves in the second floor and rooftop of the police building,” said Alo over the phone.

The rebels, Alo said, opened fire, hitting the police building. He said the firefight lasted for almost three hours that left five NPA rebels dead.

Alo said he noticed a number of women on the frontline during the encounter. 

Sensing the arrival of reinforcement from friendly forces, Alo said the rebels were forced to flee under cover of darkness.

The NPA, which has jurisdiction in the area, is under Section Committee 2 (SECCOM 2), Sub-Regional Committee Emporium of the Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee headed by Ranie Cabides @ Nadie as Secretary with a total strength of 51 regular fighters.

Alo said his men recovered a caliber 60 machine gun and  M14 sniper rifle.

Government security forces launched hot pursuit operations against the fleeing rebels. Mobile checkpoints have been established to block suspected rebels from escaping further.

Early this year, suspected communist rebels overran a police station also in Northern Samar, carting away government-owned firearms and other logistics.

The captured rebel was taken to Samar Mobile Force Company where he is undergoing tactical interrogation.

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