A different language of service at Midori Clark Hotel and Casino

Beginning Jan. 30, Midori Clark Hotel and Casino will accept deaf individuals – who recently underwent skills training at Systems Plus College – for on-the-job trainings until March, in line with the hotel’s corporate social responsibility program.

They will be assigned to Housekeeping, Stewarding and Gardening tasks, and like all other employees of the hotel, will go through performance evaluation, in which three to five of them who will be hired as regular employees.

In line with this, a signing of memorandum of agreement was conducted on Jan. 23 at Café’ Midori.

After its first CSR program (2016 Angels’ Dream), Midori continues to support projects which will benefit deaf individuals in pursuing their goals, ambitions and aspirations for work and skills development.

The Department of Tourism-Region III spearheaded by Regional Director Ronnie Tiotuico and Angeles City Deaf Association have collaborated to implement a project aiming to empower the deaf individuals. The committee believes that these 23 students can equally contribute to the community and serve the hotel guests as well in their own special ways.

After their classroom trainings, they will be exposed to the actual implementations of what they have learned inside the classrooms.

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