Disney’s Tsum Tsum at SM Accessories Kids

Tsum Tsum stuffed toys were first released in Japan in 2013. Based upon Disney and Pixar characters; the name Tsum Tsum is derived from the Japanese verb Tsumu meaning “to stock” because these stuffed toys are designed to stock on top of each other.

Mickey X Minnie Tsum Tsum tee.

Get a head start with Disney Tsum Tsum’s baller hat.

Disney Tsum Tsum hats with adjustable closure.

The stuffed toys have become a hit, and have been sold by Disney in the United States, Disneyland Paris and South Korea. Tsum Tsum mobile games and icons for online chat were also developed and have become a hit.
Tsum Tsum cotton hand towels.

Sporty or Sweet? Disney Tsum Tsum baller hat and beanie cuff hat.

The well-loved Tsum Tsum stuffed characters has now inspired apparel, accessories, footwear and other knickknacks faithful to the charm of the Tsum Tsum stuffed toys.
Tsum Tsum hand sanitizer with Frozen characters.

Flip over with the cuteness of these Tsum Tsum flip-flops.

Blush in this Tsum Tsum tee with peek-a-boo shoulder.

Tsum Tsum Disney Princesses hand sanitizer.

Kids will love the delightful Tsum Tsum merchandise – tees, hats, bonnets, flip flops, hand towels, and novelties – now available at SM Accessories Kids – The SM Store’s Character Shop Department. It’s also double the fun until August 31, when a Php 1,000 minimum single receipt spend of any Disney Tsum Tsum products entitles one to a FREE Disney Tsum Tsum Eye Mask.

Experience the Tsum Tsum charm from SM Accessories Kids – The SM Store’s Character Shop Department.

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