DPWH: Flood control structures in Gapan nearing completion

Two interconnected flood control structures along Peñaranda River in barangay San Nicolas, Gapan City are nearing completion.

As of August 31, they are about 90 percent done with lengths of 249.8 meters and 310.4 meters, and a total budget of P191 million that was allocated from this year’s national budget.

DPWH Nueva Ecija 2nd Assistant District Engineer Robert Jay Panaligan underscored his agency’s unwavering commitment to public safety in flood mitigation efforts, acknowledging the severe consequences of flooding on riverine communities. 

“Once completed, these riverwalls will serve as strong defenses against flooding incidents, shielding nearby residential areas, vital public infrastructure, and facilities,” he added.

For his part, District Engineer Elpidio Trinidad said these flood control structures offer not only immediate protection but also long-term benefits to the barangay, given its proximity to the city center and high population density.

“They provide residents with a sense of security, knowing that their homes and livelihoods are protected from the destructive effects of flooding. By reducing flood-related damage to infrastructure, the local economy can flourish without the constant threats of disruption, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life for residents,” Trinidad emphasized.

These projects entail the construction of two-berm, concrete slope protection structures on steel sheet pile foundations which are engineering interventions that are designed to mitigate the risks of riverbank collapse and water overflow, preventing threats and damage to properties.

Planning and Design Section OIC-Chief Rowena Galut disclosed that flood mitigation structures, which are being built with a 10-meter road dike, are being studied for possible conversion into a bypass road.

“Our utmost priority now is to decongest Daang Maharlika and Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA). In recent years, we have seen the economic transformation of Gapan City, San Isidro, and Cabiao. However, there has been no significant improvement in accessibility, aside from the widening of these existing national roads,” Galut explained.

DPWH Nueva Ecija 2nd District Engineering Office has already commissioned a feasibility study for the proposed Gapan City-Cabanatuan City Bypass Road, with the goal of improving north-south connectivity.

“Once our proposal to construct a bypass road via these road dikes along Peñaranda River is approved, we will ease traffic in the east-west section of this part of the province,” she furthered.

This involves connecting the flood control structures in barangays San Vicente, San Lorenzo, and Pambuan to Daang Maharlika, providing access to the Gapan-Fort Magsaysay Road.

Simultaneously, these structures will integrate with the ongoing construction of river walls at barangays Sto. Niño and San Nicolas, forming a bypass route to JASA.

Given the consistent heavy traffic at the junction of Daang Maharlika and JASA in Gapan City and the impracticality of expanding the former to six lanes, the DPWH is considering the establishment of a bypass road that is free from right-of-way issues as a more viable solution. (CLJD-PIA 3)

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