DTI: Price increase on basic and prime commodities minimal

Increase in prices of some basic and prime commodities under the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) list of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 3 is only minimal. 

In a statement, DTI Regional Director Leonila Baluyut explained that the price increase of 59 items in the SRP list was already necessary considering the increase in prices of raw materials and packaging.

“The last approved increase in the prices of basic needs and prime commodities in the SRP list was on September 2019, or almost two years ago,” she furthered.

Based on the updated SRP list, minimal price increases were registered in some brands of the following items: canned sardines in tomato sauce – 3 to 5 percent or P0.50 to 0.75, condensed milk – 1 to 3 percent or P0.5 to 1.25, evaporated milk – 1 to 5 percent or P0.25 to 1.00, powdered milk – 1 to 2 percent or P0.5 to 1.35, coffee refill – 2 percent or P0.30 to 0.60, coffee 3 in 1 original – 3 to 7 percent or P0.15 to 0.50, instant noodles – 3 to 6 percent or P0.25 to 0.40, rock salt – 6 to 17 percent or P0.20 to 2.85.

Also, Chinese style luncheon meat – 5% or P1.75, meat loaf – 2 to 9% or P0.45 to 1.50, corned beef – 2 to 10% or P0.75 to 2.50, beef loaf – 3 to 9% or P0.55 to 1.50, vinegar – 7 to 12% or P0.45 to 1.80, Patis – 6 to 12% or P0.60 to 3.10, soy sauce – 6 to 12% or P0.55 to 2.15, detergent soap – 3 to 5% or P0.5 to 1.0, candles – 15% or P5.75 to 21.25 and toilet soap – 1% or P0.25.

The manufacturers that requested for the price increase cited reasons such as the increased price of imported raw materials like milk, palm oil, wheat and seasoning. 

Candle manufacturers cited increase in price of paraffin wax while other manufacturers cited increase in price of chemicals and packaging materials.

Baluyut nevertheless said that she has already instructed the seven provincial offices of DTI in Central Luzon to closely monitor the compliance of retail establishments to the new SRP list issued by the agency.

“DTI regularly conducts price and supply monitoring of groceries, supermarkets and other retail establishments,” she said.

The official also requested the public to report any unreasonable increase in prices of basic and prime commodities in the market to the DTI hotline 1-384 or send a message to the official social media pages of DTI Region 3 using the handle : DTI Region 3 – Central Luzon or text its hotline 09178343330.

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