EdPam attends World Ecomobility Congress in Taiwan

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN- Angeles City Mayor​ ​and League of Cities of the Philippines National President Edgardo D. Pamintuan has attended the Ecomobility World Congress 2017 which will run from October 2-5, 2017.

The Ecomobility World Festival, organized by ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, is a month-long event illustrating the future of mobility of a city in real time.

Held every other year in different cities around the world, the festival features live demonstration of how cities can take bold step to create a forward-thinking urban transportation culture through ecomobility.

It is an avenue for city governments to experiment with creative ecomobile solutions, aiming to create more livable cities. It also gives residents the opportunity to experience how integrated, socially inclusive and healthy transport options can improve their quality of life.

“Philippine cities can learn a lot from this Congress in finding ways to solve the worsening traffic in their respective cities and create a more mobile, people and environment-friendly mode of public transportation,” said Pamintuan.

“We cannot allow our streets to become parking lots and our people who are supposed to be in their workplaces; schools, business or making a living, spend and waste so much time in horrendous urban traffic,” Pamintuan said.

The Ecomobility Congress will enable local and international stakeholders to come together and discuss the future of urban transport.

In Kaohsiung, local and international transport experts will discuss how sustainable mobility can be livable, shared and intelligent. City mayors from all over the world will share their experience and commitment to implementing ecomobility in their respective cities.

“If we want a mobile city where people, goods and services move around to fuel the economy, we have to find ways to improve our public transport system,” the mayor added.

Kaohsiung was chosen to host the biennial event as it showcases how it is catalyzing a transformation towards ecomobility through government leadership and community engagement.

“Ecomobility gives priority to walking, cycling and using shared public transportation. Thus, ecomobility promotes travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environment-friendly transport options without dependency on privately-owned vehicles,” Pamintuan stated.

Pamintuan is joined by Angeles City Information Officer Archie Reyes, who is also a member of the Angeles City Traffic Management Board (ACTMB).

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