Electric coops in Region 3 help restore lines in Southern Luzon

More or less than a hundred linemen and other technical personnel from the different electric cooperatives in Region 3, under their organization, the Central Luzon Electric Cooperatives Association (CLECA), embarked on a “mission” in Southern Luzon on Jan. 5.

They gathered at the Pampanga I Electric Cooperative (PELCO I) in Sto. Domingo, Mexico, Pampanga for a send-off ceremony before leaving for the noble mission of helping restore electric power in the typhoon-hit provinces of such as Albay, Camarines Sur, Marinduque among others.

CLECA President Reynaldo Villanueva delivers remarks to linemen of different electric cooperatives in Central Luzon (priority).

Posing for posterity before the linemen’s departure for Southern Tagalog and Bicol region.

Particularly, they are to replace damaged electric power lines, electric poles, distribution transformers and other components of the electric power system in the said provinces hit by Super Typhoon Nina which entered the country on Christmas eve.
PELCO I General Manager Loliano Allas gives his message to linemen.

A priest prays for the safety of linemen going to the mission.

Affected most during strong typhoons are the electric power systems of communities brought about by fierce winds and incessant rains. Electric power lines were cut, poles were toppled and transformers were busted due to the wrath of Typhoon Nina.

The CLECA has long been extending help through the provision of manpower, equipment and technical expertise aimed at restoring electric power in different areas in the country badly affected by typhoons, where electric power system devastated.

Men and their machines – with a mission.

All lined-up for departure.

Dubbed as “Task Force Kapatid: Typhoon Nina”, the said activity was spearheaded by the National Electrification Administration (NEA) under the tutelage of its Administrator, Admin. Edgardo R. Masongsong, as the lead agency and the members of the CLECA namely: Aurora Electric Cooperative, Inc., Nueva Ecija I Electric Cooperative, Nueva Ecija II Area 1 Electric Cooperative, Nueva Ecija II Area 2 Electric Cooperative, Pampanga I Electric Cooperative, Pampanga II Electric Cooperative, Pampanga III Electric Cooperative, Pampanga Rural Electric Service Cooperative, Tarlac I Electric Cooperative, Tarlac II Electric Cooperative, Zambales I Electric Cooperative and Zambales II Electric Cooperative.

The “Task Force: Kapatid” is an initiative of the said electric power firms, using their own resources to help other electric cooperatives in distress. All those who have sent their delegations to the electric power rehabilitation works spent their own resources to help the said provinces in their efforts to have their electric power restored the soonest.

For the members of the CLECA, the said activity is an opportunity to extend help to a number of people through the immediate restoration of electric power.

In an interview, CLECA President Reynaldo Villanueva said, “It is always our desire to help others in our own little way. In such endeavours, we at CLECA stand united in helping our fellow electric cooperatives for we know that a lot are affected by the loss of electric power in typhoon-affected areas.”

“It is a manifestation that the Filipino ‘bayanihan spirit’ is alive among electric power cooperatives and private firms and is intended to help others especially those who have been hit by calamities and natural disasters. First to benefit from this worthy activity are the tens of thousands of member-consumers who suffered the havoc of a natural calamity,” Villanueva added.

With the time and great efforts spent in southern Luzon by the helping electric cooperatives, electric power in Typhoon Nina-hit provinces is expected to be restored and normalized by February 2017. –Text & Photos by Dencio Pacheco

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