Elevate your Holidays with Mekeni’s affordable Christmas Hams 

Every Filipino home deserves high-quality and affordable Christmas Hams — and Mekeni Food Corporation promises to make this festive season synonymous to sharing great meals with loved ones, without breaking the bank.

Mekeni, one of the leading food manufacturers in the country, continues to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers by offering an array of high-quality Christmas Hams at an affordable price.

Because Mekeni understands that every Filipino family has different choices, it has meticulously crafted Christmas Hams over the years to satisfy the diverse preferences of its clientele.

This ensures that there’s a perfect ham for every individual during the season — may it be classic, sumptuously sweet, and juicy varieties to the more affordable options.

What more, Mekeni has introduced a new line of ready-to-eat and guilt-free ham this year — made of 100% pure chicken meat!

This demonstrates the company’s dedication to staying attuned to consumer needs. 

Mekeni, rooted in the belief that every home deserves a joyous Christmas, consistently plays a role in fostering the spirit of festivity with these enticing offerings:

Gold Premium Ham 1kg 
Made from the choicest pork cuts, seasoned in a rare blend of exotic herbs and spices 

Deli Premium Ham 1kg 
A no-frills, ready-to-eat ham that has the traditional sweet-savory taste 

Chicken Premium Ham 1kg 
A no-frills, ready-to-eat chicken ham that has the traditional sweet-savory taste for a healthier choice 

Jamon De Bola 1kg 
Flaunts a right balance of smoky, sweet and salty flavors; glazed with rich coating of pineapple sauce 

Pear-Shaped Ham 800g 
Juicy, lean, boneless ham that suits well within your budget 

Brick Ham 500g 
Special, yet affordable; serve it as it is 

Christmas Ham 500g 
Our most affordable but delicious Christmas Ham yet 

Mekeni Hams are available in select supermarkets, wet markets, and food outlets, ensuring accessibility for consumers seeking to elevate their holiday celebrations with the distinctive flavors and quality of Mekeni. 

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