ePLDT strengthens Cyber Security portfolio with Endpoint Advanced Security

ePLDT, the ICT arm of PLDT Enterprise, continues to strengthen its cyber security capabilities with the addition of its newest service called Endpoint Advanced Security.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many business and employees. While technologies are available to support remote work, the specter of data security and privacy issues hover over businesses. 

Many cyber criminals are exploiting the crisis to create digital havoc – from fake COVID information websites and maps that are conduits of malware, to tailored phishing attacks masked as COVID warnings.

Because employees are out of the office which traditionally offers a more secure network connection, they are often left vulnerable and on their own should any attack happen. The IT teams will not be able to immediately respond, and the employees themselves may not have the skill or expertise to implement the required mitigation.

Recognizing the need for stronger protection in this new era of working from home, ePLDT introduces Endpoint Advanced Security which aims to protect devices such as laptops, desktops, and servers by detecting, preventing, and responding to attacks that target the endpoint.

“While security solutions have become more comprehensive, hackers have also become more savvy and are increasingly using vulnerable endpoints as entries for malicious attacks,” said Angel Redoble, First Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer of ePLDT Group, PLDT Group & SMART. “With Endpoint Advanced Security, the capabilities to predict threats, detect suspicious behavior, and react to any deviant activity are increased to ensure the continuity of their operations—allowing employees to be productive and unhampered by cyber threats.”

Endpoint Advanced Security has extensive features that provides protection from various threats. Its next generation malware, supported by the highly robust ePLDT Threat Intelligence, prevents malicious files and processes. It combines behavioral analytics and machine learning to identify suspicious behavior. 

Network analytics enables locating evidence of lateral movements and data exfiltration. Lastly, endpoints are monitored by ePLDT’s Security Operations Center (SOC) 24×7, which can react to malicious activity and prevent damage from spreading.

Endpoint Advanced Security is highly ideal for enterprises with corporate devices that are no longer connected to secure networks. Micro, small and medium enterprises that have limited, or do not have IT staff can also benefit from Endpoint Advanced Security, since it will provide them with an expert team to mitigate endpoint attacks. The 24×7 monitoring also ensures continued watch over endpoints, with ePLDT acting as first responder once any suspicious or malicious activity is detected.

“We understand that the complex nature of cybersecurity makes it hard to grasp. This is why we at ePLDT are making technology easy to access and apply with the Endpoint Advanced Security. We want it to be simple for our customers,” Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

The introduction of these security solutions underscores the company’s commitment to supporting businesses and their employees in these critical times. “Our aim is to make a positive impact on every single business and one way to do that is to help them protect their critical work assets and valuable data through cybersecurity,” Hernandez concluded.

For more information on Endpoint Advanced Security, visit epldt.com.

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