Estafa case filed vs former Malolos police chief, others dismissed

A syndicated estafa case lodged against the former Malolos City Chief of Police Col. Manuel Lukban and two other officers had been dismissed for lack of probable cause.

The two other officers were Lt. Col. Henry Biñas and ret. Col. Raul Supiter along with 11 other PNP personnel. The case stemmed from  were the Syndicated Estafa case filed against them by personnel of PRO12 as directed by then Ret. Gen Eliseo Rasco, former RD of PRO12.    

Col. Lukban said they received the eight pages dismissal order on Friday issued by the City Prosecution Office of General Santos City signed by City Prosecutor Melvn Lamata for the Syndicated Estafa case filed against him and other police officers.

“Lack of probable cause and gross insufficiency of evidence kaya hindi nag-prosper yung kaso laban sa amin,” Lukban said.

It may be recalled, according to Atty. Nena Santos, legal counsel of Col. Lukban, that in March 2019, the said police officers were sacked over an alleged P2 billion PPM investment scam.

“With the anonymous text message as a basis and false information about the scam received by DILG, irked Sec Eduardo Año ordered the immediate relief and investigation of the said PNP officers,” Santos said.

Earlier, the syndicated estafa case filed by CIDG against Mark George Naval, actual founder/proprietor of PLANPROMATRIX Co., and his staff involved in the pyramiding scam were found with probable cause by the prosecution resulting in the formal charge of 5 counts of syndicated estafa against them.
They, being the real scammers were issued a warrant of arrests with no bail on March 4, 2020. 

Evidence submitted at the Office of Prosecutors also identified other police officers particularly P/Maj Michael Elopre and P/Cpl Jeanette Credo Dosdos who amassed millions of pesos as their pay-outs and not the three officers earlier subjected for investigation. However, PCpl Dosdos, who was mentioned also in the text message, was freed from any charges since she was excluded by Rasco.

Relatedly, due to this investment scam, a certain Patrolwoman Joy Kristine Rojas was missing up to now. The alleged recorded conversation revealed that Rojas was threatened to kill by anonimous person if she will not give false testimonies about the scam.

Her relatives are now begging for help from Gen. Camilo Cascolan, Chief, PNP since his predecessors did no serious effort to find Rojas or investigate her case.

Rasco successfully retired a year ago despite several investment scams that transpired during his tenure as Regional Director.