Find more ‘bad’ cops – Pineda

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – It seems Governor Lilia Pineda is not contented with the number of policemen, specifically from the Pampanga police who are included in the roster of “misfits” and are now undergoing reformation training at the regional police headquarters in Camp Olivas.

At least 14 policemen from the Pampanga Provincial Police Office (PPO) were ordered to undergo re-training as part of the PNP’s internal cleansing program.

“Kulang yan…maghanap pa sila ng mga pulis na mga abusado, tamad,” Pineda told reporters shortly before she presided the staff meeting Monday at the Capitol.

Pineda is reacting on the reports that only a small number of erring cops from her province have been penalized by higher police headquarters due to their alleged involvement in various unlawful activities ranging from extortion, absences and other minor offenses.

Pineda also asked the PPO under Senior Supt. Joel Consulta to expedite the investigation on policemen who have committed serious offenses including murder.

“Nandiyan pa yung pulis na nakapatay, ang sabi sa akin ay nagdu-duty pa,” Pineda said but she did not identify the policeman.

The re-training of scalawags policemen is the first in Central Luzon. Under the law, erring cops must be administratively charged or be dismissed from service depending on the gravity of the offense.

“We are sending “bad eggs” in the organization to souther Mindanao but we forgot to reform them. The re-training is like giving them a second chance to rectify their misdeeds,” said Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino, director, Central Luzon police.

Aquino admitted the program is not sanctioned by higher police headquarters but he said the strategy would complement with the weeding-out of bad cops in the organization.

A total of 155 policemen from different police offices in the region, mostly non-commissioned police officers (NCPO) with the rank of PO1 to SPO4 have reported to Camp Olivas Monday (March 13) for a three-month re-training period.

Aquino said he is going to realign some funds to be used for the policemen meal allowances while they are on re-training.

The National Police Commission (Napolcom) has yet to issue statement on Aquino’s personal decision.

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  1. If they are true to it, atleast let us see a single PCO(Police Comissioned Officer) to be included in the list,. Dont tell me that only PNCOs are doing such things,.

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