Ford Fiesta Supermini

Ford in the Philippine market in terms of sedans and superminis didn’t really click because it was dominated by Toyota and Honda. But Ford did shine in the 4×4 and SUV scene with the Wildtrak and Ranger.

First look

The Ford Fiesta in its sixth generation had a major facelift. What you see right off the bat is the front grill which resembles an Aston Martin’s grill with a honeycomb style, wrap around headlights and reworked tail lights cutting edges and overall improved look. It also has electronic stability control and a hill launch assist.


For a supermini, the booth is bigger than some of its rivals but there are drawbacks because it has a bit of a load lip, which can get annoying. Rear seats can be a little bit tight for adults over 6 feet. But if you have passengers which aren’t over that height, they would be fine.

What’s inside
Inside the car, the entertainment system is a little bit outdated from its main rivals. It still has buttons and knobs you need to navigate in order to get it going. Seats and the interior are good in quality. Soft touch materials and very nice seats which just wrap you around.

Under the hood
The Fiesta has a 1.0L ecoboost inline 3 turbocharged engine producing 125 horsepower. Itnmeans it is not a pushover in the road and won’t burn through your wallet. Transmission feels nice and not jerky.

The Ford Fiesta is a good supermini if you want something different. It’s fun to drive and it will save you a lot of money in terms of fuel economy. It’s perfect for a first car for the family or for yourself.

(Jose Juancho “Choby” Sangil Pelayo is an AB Communications student, young and talented writer, film maker, diverse actor, musician and a creative thinker who enjoys discussing ideas in music, current events, entertainment, sports and politics – and cars. He likes poems, short stories, short films and listens to a wide range of music. Choby is considered one of the new breed of writers that has both intellectual content and creative dexterity.)

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