Free college education

Mayoral aspirant Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr. is striving to provide free college education for underprivileged students at the City College of Angeles (CCA) which has already produced hundreds of professionals in various fields.

Education will give our students the chance to improve their lives, according to Lazatin, who is now the frontrunner in the mayoralty race in Angeles City. Education empowers students and help them achieve their educational and career goals by getting career and technical education.

Courses offered at CCA include BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Tourism Management, BS Physical Education, and BS Technical Teacher Education and BS Tourism Management, BS Accounting Technology, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. “These tertiary degrees will allow our students to reach for their dreams. No one should be denied education because of poverty,” said Lazatin.

Among others, Pogi Lazatin seeks to grant a ‘non-wage’ benefit to all public school teachers in the form of free tertiary education at the City College of Angeles (CCA) for one of their dependents. Pogi Lazatin’s educational program will include public school teachers who are toiling themselves to provide to provide good education to students. Pogi Lazatin recognizes their valuable hardship in the public school system.

Pogi Lazatin said he will maximize the use of the Local School Board Budget (LSB) without increasing Real Property Tax or assessment. The move will allow the city government to purchase additional land for schools; the construction of additional school buildings; the purchase of educational equipment; and purchase of school furniture and fixtures.

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