Freedom Trail instills values of bravery, sacrifice

CAPAS, Tarlac — The Bataan Freedom Trail 2019 is a perfect venue in instilling the values of bravery, sacrifice and love for country.

In his message during the Closing Ceremony held at Capas National Shrine, Governor Susan Yap’s Consultant and Representative Ponciano Duran emphasized they are deeply proud of celebrating the remarkable contributions of the province in the history and in commemoration of the 77thanniversary of the infamous Death March. 

“The Death March was considered as one of the darkest days in Philippine history as we look back in time. It resulted to death of many soldiers from the hands of the Japanese,” Duran said.

“But the turmoil of the existing tyranny opens the gateway and acquiring the optimum life from that shadows of darkness because Filipinos and allies collectively expressed their bravery, dedication and loyalty to achieve our common goals and aspirations in realizing the essence and meaning of freedom in our democracy,” he added.

Duran emphasized that the Freedom Trail reminds Tarlaqueños especially the youth about the nationalistic attitude in heroic deeds of Filipinos who suffered and offered their lives for peace and sovereignty with certain pride and dignity.

“This event calls us to deeply strengthen the Olympian spirit that binds us as a nation. This is our time to bring back the gratitude and honor to the soldiers who fought hard for us,” he emphasized.

He added that the historic event inspires every Filipino on their responsibility to reflect and continue to remember and honor the heroism and legacy of the veterans. 

“Let’s us make it in our prime commitment that the notable event in our history will never be forgotten but continue to inspire us in fulfilling our duties towards a common goal and purpose of securing our general welfare because together, we can make a real difference,” Duran furthered. 

This year’s Freedom Trail was participated by military reservists as well as soldiers from the Army Special Forces, 1st Scout Ranger Regiment, Air Force Special Operations Wing, Marine Battalion, Training and Doctrine Command, and the United States Navy Seal.

Participants retraced the actual 140-kilometer route of the Death March which covers the provinces of Bataan, Pampanga and Tarlac. 

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