Fresh from the Greenery: The Pesto Pot

Sumptuous meals await the hungry at the Pesto Pot.

In the bustling road along Nepo Quad is a small restaurant serving healthy and delicious meals. But don’t be bothered by its size, because it is meant to create an intimate experience between you and the food.

Beyond the warmth and optimistic ambience of the restaurant is the story of owner Ann Baron Abeleda, who used to be a concessionaire at the Holy Family Academy for 11 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, but through healthy living, she survived. Now, Ann considers it her life’s mission is to introduce healthy food towards individuals.

The Pesto Pot’s humble beginnings started in her pick-up truck as a pop-up. Her biggest break was in the summer of 2018, when she was invited to put up her pop-up in Aqua Planet. There, she met potential business partners, and developed brand recognition among her consumers. On October of 2018, the Pesto Pot was opened to the public.

Ann puts emphasis on the intimate and personal experience of her consumers. The business may serve fast food, but it is real food, Ann says. The Pesto Pot does not provide WiFi connection to its consumers to create interaction between the people who go and eat at the restaurant.

More so, Pesto Pot employees make their food with love and care for their customers.

“Service is equally important as the food,” Ann says. “Every meal served in the Pesto Pot has a personal touch.”

They do not want to compromise the taste and quality, so for its signature pesto, the ingredients are sourced out from farmers.

The restaurant only serves eight but very, very tasty and healthy entree.

By Justinne Paula Lugue/ AUF Intern

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