Garbo leads prayer service to break ‘curse’ on Mabalacat

MABALACAT CITY – Believed to have been under a curse since the Spanish occupation, this city has sought its “deliverance” from the long-standing spell that reportedly prevents the city from attaining progress.

BREAKING THE CURSE. Newly-installed Mabalacat Mayor Cris Garbo leads prayer for blessings for the city during a prayer service that sought to reverse the centuries-old curse that Mabalacat will not prosper and thrive uttered by a Spanish friar during the revolt against Spain.

A prayer service was held Saturday night in front of the City Hall to reverse the centuries-old curse uttered by a Spanish friar before he was executed by townfolks after allegedly impregnating a local girl. The curse was for Mabalacat not to prosper.

Attended by about 800 people, the prayer service was spearheaded by Mayor Crisostomo Garbo and supported by various evangelical churches in the cities of Angeles and Mabalacat belonging to Alliance of United Christian Churches in Angeles and Mabalacat (AUCAMM). Garbo attends the Charismatic Ecumenical Ministries, Int’l, one of the members of AUCAMM.

During the service, various prayers to counter the curse were offered by bishops and ministers.

Garbo also prayed to break the curse and bondage while at the same time also prayed for victory and blessings for the city.

Pastor Brendan Jay Salita, guest preacher, also prayed and professed that this city “will not just be progressive but a blessed city.”

Historians in this city have it that a certain Father Gregorio Bueno cursed this 300-year town shortly before he was hanged by residents for impregnating a local girl said to be a relative to Don Marcelo Tiglao, then the presidente municipal.

Bueno was said to have cursed that Mabalacat will never prosper and thrive.

Rev. Gilbert Miole, one of AUCAMM founders, also prayed for “deliverance” of the city and dedicated Mabalacat to God. (Press Release)

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